Storage Size Guide - FAQs

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    How do I know what size I need?

    Once you finish packing, use tape to measure out a 5' x 10' space on the floor of your apartment or house. Then see if all of your things roughly fit within the taped area. Remember, most personal units have an 8 foot ceiling, so you can stack items as well.

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    How big is a 5' x 10' personal storage unit?

    A 5' x 10' unit is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long, totaling 50 square feet of space. Also, most personal units have an 8 foot ceiling, so you can pack to a space of 50 square feet plus 8 feet high, or 400 cubic feet. Remember, actual unit sizes vary. You should treat this as only a guideline for estimating how much space you need.

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    What can I fit in a 5' x 10' personal storage unit?

    A 5' x 10' unit can hold the contents of one small room or a large closet, such as chairs, small desks, small bookcases, suitcases and lamps. Many also use this size to store seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment and clothing.

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    What are the features of a 24/7 Self Storage property?

    While units vary by property, here are some features we offer:

    • No long-term commitment: Come and go when you want with month-to-month agreements.
    • Personalized electronic access: The access code for your storage location is unique to you.
    • Climate Controlled: Units maintain a consistent temperature range year-round. Consider Climate Control if items you are storing are "indoor" things.
    • All inside units are climate controlled
    • Outside units have roll-up doors.
    • Outside unit/Drive-up access: Convenient drive-up units with outdoor access are great for quick and easy storage stops. These are commonly preferred by those storing appliances and seasonal items.
    • Property manager on-site: Our property manager live on-site; for them 24/7 Self Storage isn't just a job, it's home.
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    What are some packing and storage tips for a 5' x 10' storage unit?

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you move in:

    • Choose the right box. Use large boxes for light items and smaller boxes for heavier items.
    • Think vertical. Make best use of your storage area by stacking to the ceiling, working from heaviest items on the bottom to lightest items on top.
    • This side up. If you combine different weights of items in one box, always put the heavier things on the bottom and mark the box "this side up."
    • Use our free hand trucks and dollies to make unloading heavy items easier.
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    What cannot be stored in a storage unit?

    The following are not permitted in storage units:

    • Hazardous Materials (this includes but is not limited to any hazardous or toxic chemical, gas, liquid, substance, material or waste)
    • Improperly packaged food or perishable goods
    • Flammable materials
    • Explosives
    • Animal or human habitation
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    Where can I get moving supplies?

    The key to protecting your items is quality storage and packing materials. You can find all the supplies you need to pack like a pro at our locations.